Setting Up the Site

written in github, latex, mathjax, octopress

This is not a tutorial but …

I am more than happy to answer and discuss any questions related to the features of the blog. Please feel free to contact me or comment where appropiate. The amount of tutorials out there describing how to set up a github page or an octopress site is huge, and it is often written by people a lot more competent than me in the ever evolving web-desgin universe.

Instead, I will post a list of links to very cool projects and blogs whose authors I would like to acknowledge because they were extremely helpful at the time of setting up this blog the way I like it. The site’s theme is a slightly modified version of the MediumFox theme, some additions are the use of MathJax to render LaTeX expressions and some minor fixes which I believe are already included in recent commits.


MathJax Setup and left click bug fix:

Git and Github setup, Ironcat and tweaks:

Cheers to all of you!